My TEDx Talk Team

A TEDx talk may appear to be a solo thing. Not for me. So much and so many people went into speaking at TEDxPasadenaWomen. I am so grateful for the team that helped me pull this off.

  • The practical and soulful support of the amazing John Bates of Executive Speaking Success and his colleague Nataly.
  • 125+ hours of designing the talk, practicing, rehearsing with volunteers in the living room, meeting with my coaches.
  • TEDxPasadenaWomen organizers Amber and Nadine.
  • TEDxPasadenaWomen speaker coaches Michele Lando and David Samuels.
  • A timely gift from my friend Kim of the book Resonate by Nancy Duarte.
  • Facebook messages about Asian American stereotypes with my friend Scott.
  • Sticky notes. LOTS of sticky notes.
  • Makeup by Sara.
  • Rides from Beth.
  • Emergency calls to and from my HS BFF Tammy.
  • Emergency texts to and from my local BFF Rosemary.
  • Yoga and meditation.
  • My writing group Kim and Bev.
  • Feedback from my clients at Caltech.
  • Volunteer audience members Julianne, Dave, Haley, Kristen, Julie, Dave, Marshall, Sally, Paul, Gail, De, Melissa, Chris, John, Rebecca.
  • Encouraging emails from Gin, Catie, Brence, and Cathy.
  • TEDx eve dinner of Domenico’s, rosé and Carmela ice cream.
  • The support of my husband and daughter.

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