Kristin Maschka is an executive coach, best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and activist.

Kristin has over 25 years of experience working side by side with leaders in a variety of fields to expand their capabilities, help them build high-performing teams, and translate their goals into collaborative action. When working with Kristin, leaders always get the clarity they need to take action and achieve their aspirations.


When someone suggested coaching, I thought "I don't have time for this. I need to focus on my work and I don't need coaching." But I gained so much from working with Kristin that I feel like a different person.
Susamma Barua
Dr. Susamma (Susan) Barua, Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science, California State University Fullerton
She’s smart, compassionate, and you can tell she played a competitive team sport because she can push you or your team hard and you’ll still love her for it. Learning with her is expanding and joyful.
marianne haggerty
Marianne Haggerty - Assistant Vice President for Advancement Services, Caltech
I’ve had questions for myself, for years, that I’ve been trying to answer. I worked with Kristin and in three months we got done together what I had not been able to accomplish on my own. I absolutely give her 5 stars out of 5.
theresa davis
Theresa Davis - Assistant Vice President for Engagement and Annual Programs, Caltech
When I spend time with Kristin, I always come away with a couple of practical, concrete steps. I also always come away with an altered framework for thinking more clearly about a problem or opportunity in a way that is forward leaning. Often I’m already passing the insights and steps along to others the same day!
diane binney
Diane Binney - Assistant Vice President Campaigns, Caltech
Kristin’s ability to assess a team or organization’s capacity, pinpoint and refine goals, and develop and manage an implementation plan have tremendous value in any sector, but particularly in the non-profit and public arenas where senior management teams are often hindered by resource constraints.
binti harvey
Binti Harvey - Vice President for External Relations and Institutional Advancement, Scripps College
The return on investment from the tangible outcomes we got from engaging Kristin was so much greater than the cost. With Kristin’s support we transformed into an organization that could raise 300 million a year. We got 3 billion dollars worth of results.
valerie otten
Valerie Otten - Assistant Vice President Development, Caltech
Kristin has a unique ability to galvanize and organize organizations and groups to build a shared purpose and to translate this into action.
erik rice
Erik Rice - Senior Associate, Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education
I bring Kristin in because she is a calm, neutral voice who comes with a flexible toolkit and a creative outsider’s approach to a problem-solving. A lot of other consultants come in with a specific ‘thing’ and that’s the only thing they do. Each organization has its own culture and Kristin is able to fit into that and customize her process and introduce new tools as needed.
Cristin Dorgelo
Cristin Dorgelo, Vice President of Operations, X PRIZE Foundation



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