KRISTIN MASCHKA is a gifted and experienced facilitator comfortable with audiences of all sizes and types. When you book her to speak, you can expect a customized experience for your audience that draws them in, gets them talking, challenges their thinking, and equips them with concrete actions they can take after they walk out the door.

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Step Back to Lead Forward

As the pace of change accelerates around us every day, we are all tempted to try to keep up by simply doing more and doing it faster. The most critical leadership skill today is the ability to do the opposite – to know how and when to step back and take the balcony view so we can lead forward effectively at work, at home and in our communities.

Kristin Maschka will demonstrate the power of the balcony view, illustrate practical strategies for getting up on the balcony when you need it most, and make sure that before you leave you have identified a specific action you will take to step back in order to lead forward.


This is Not How I Thought It Would Be: Remodeling Motherhood to Get the Lives We Want Today

Question: What’s behind the “mommy wars,” the “chore wars,” the war about “having it all,” and the everyday craziness of family life today?

Answer: Invisible, outdated assumptions about mothers, fathers, money, marriage and work that are completely out of sync with today’s families.

Kristin Maschka weaves together her own story and a deep knowledge of history and society to reveal the broad impact these subconscious assumptions and stereotypes have on our personal lives, our public policies and our workplaces. You’ll walk away with clarity as to what those outdated assumptions are, the new beliefs to replace them, and the simple tools you can use to take action and remodel motherhood.

Note: This topic can also be customized for an audience of both mothers and fathers or for community and advocacy organizations interested in issues that impact women and families. It can also be customized to emphasize particular topics in the book depending on the audience.


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