The most vexing questions I had as a new mother had nothing to do with parenting. What do I do now that I was laid off after maternity leave? How on earth does my intelligent, enlightened husband not see – and fold – the pile of laundry next to him on the couch? If I’m not “working,” then how is it I don’t even have time for a shower?

In fact, the biggest surprise about motherhood was that nothing about my life as a mother – not my marriage, not the division of labor, not my career, not my identity – was how I thought and hoped it would be.

Until I discovered the problem. Both my husband and I – along with everyone around us – were still operating on invisible, outdated assumptions about mothers, fathers, money, marriage and work that were completely out of sync with the family life we wanted. Once we developed the tools for recognizing and remodeling those assumptions, we began to build the lives – and the marriage – we aspired to.

My book and blog posts will help you recognize these outdated assumptions cropping up in the everyday craziness of family life and then take simple actions to remodel to get the life you want.

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“Kristin Maschka is a beacon of light in a sea of darkness about the possibilities for women looking to do “mothering and more” with their lives.  She is smart, well educated about the details, and passionate in her quest to bring more knowledge to more women about more options.  All women and men looking to juggle the multiple roles of parent, worker, spouse and more should read this book, soon and often —  it will change, and improve, their lives!”
~ Ed McCaffery, author Taxing Women and Professor of Law, Economics and Political Science at USC Law School.

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