The past 10 days I’ve read so much cool stuff on education, I decided to just share it all in a quick round up!

  • A report released from The Career Academy Support Network highlights the promising results of California Partnership Academies, which use the Linked Learning approach in which high schools combine academics, technical education and work-based learning for a relevant and rigorous high school experience. The report finds increased graduation rates and increased completion of the “a-g” courses required for admission to the California’s state-supported colleges and universities.
  • Educate our State, a parent-led campaign to support public education in California, is hosting Camp Educate November 11-13 in Los Angeles. There’s still room in this two-day conference to help parent leaders learn how to make real change together.
  • In his post Public schools vs. charter schools: Which provide better student performance?, Pasadena resident Robert Niles crunches the data on public schools and charter schools in our community to challenge the perception that charter schools provide a better education.

Finally and most importantly, this former English teacher is excited beyond reason that our daughter has begun diagramming sentences in school. I used to give my 8th grade charges sentences as long as paragraphs and they would race to fill up entire blackboards with the diagram. Is this just nostalgia on my part or is diagramming sentences still a useful intellectual exercise and support for learning how to write good sentences? Let me know what you think.

~ Kristin Maschka

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