As a Happy New Year gift, I wanted to share 5 of my favorite things I discovered in 2010 – along with one RE-discovery. Hope you’ll share yours too!

1. CaringBridge

When a friend or family member has a serious medical crisis, CaringBridge makes it easy to keep everyone updated on the situation without having to field a bunch of separate calls and emails from caring people – for free. I put a site up when my father-in-law was in the hospital this spring. Recently, he asked to understand more about what happened, and I was able to go to CaringBridge and print a slick book that included all of our updates and all our friends messages of hope for him.

2. Insurance for iPhones

When my iPhone was stolen out of my car this past spring, I did some digging and discovered State Farm will insure iPhones! Now both our iPhones are ensured for loss or theft.

3. MacBook Air

I absolutely ADORE my new MacBook Air. I plug it in at night like a cell phone and the battery lasts all day. It’s my primary computer yet it’s so light I carry it everywhere and can use it anywhere in the house. The “instant on” feature means it’s always ready for me, no boot up delays. I recommend doing what I did and special ordering one with max hard drive space and max RAM. Happy to be back using Macs after so many years away.

4. HBRchat and TweetChat

I love Twitter and it was just this year that I began participating in TwitterChats. Scheduled conversations on Twitter using a hashtag. My current favorite is Harvard Business Review‘s weekly chat on leadership and change issues every Thursday at 10 am Pacific at #hbrchat and hosted by @HBRexchange. To make TwitterChats easier, I use I link it to my Twitter account and then it allows me to follow the conversation and automatically adds the #hbrchat hashtag to all my posts.

5. The Energy Project

In my book, I recommend that mothers (and fathers) follow Tony Schwartz’s advice from The Power of Full Engagement – manage energy not time. Well, Tony and his colleagues have a whole website, The Energy Project, dedicated to research-proven strategies to energize people and organizations, including the Take Back Your Lunch campaign. If you want practical resources on what really works to max effectiveness for people and organizations visit

6. Fast Company Magazine

This is the RE-discovery. I started subscribing to Fast Company pretty much when they started, but my subscription had lapsed for the early years of my daughter’s life and I only read it intermittently. This year, I was so interested in what they were tweeting from @FastCompany that I re-subscribed to the paper version too. Don’t think of this as a “business” magazine. This is quality writing that has value for anyone interested in making change, leadership, innovation, and reading about others who are reinventing both corporations and non-profits.

One Response to My 6 Fave Discoveries from 2010

  1. Caring Bridge is an amazing site! I have known, unfortunately, several people who have used it to keep friends and family up to date on a loved one.

    We are a Mac family here as well. Hubby is an Apple fanatic. I just have a regular MacBook, though. No Air. 🙁