By LA Telecommuting ExaminerKristen Todd

Flexible work schedules are easier with computer-based work

Whatever your reason for wanting a flexible schedule, whether it be family, continuing education or it’s just the way you are wired, convincing your employer that you can manage one is difficult. Furthermore, a rising unemployment rate and a dire outlook for the creation of new jobs makes your 9-5, punch-in-and-out, cubicle jockey job seems just fine. But it is not! Flexible schedules can work for many employees and can even produce a more efficient workplace for an employer.

How can that be? Flexibility allows for employees to work at their optimal times throughout the day and is an incentive that costs employers nothing. When raises and bonuses are meager or non-existent, flexible schedules can reward employees and in many cases produce better output.

The issue with a flexible work schedule is convincing your manager that you should be considered for one. Before requesting a flexible schedule, you should honestly answer the following:

  1. Are you the face of the office or do you manage a reception or intake area?
  2. Have you worked for your current supervisor for less than a year?
  3. In previous performance evaluations, has it been suggested that you work on time management skills, meeting deadlines or productivity?

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