toolboxI’ve started to get people asking where they can share examples they find of outdated mental maps and stereotypes about mothers, fathers, marriage, money and work. Also, where they can share their own remodeling projects and victories and their Remodeling Motherhood resolutions. So there are at least two places.  Leave a comment here on this blog post, OR visit and join my Facebook Group for a discussion group there.

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One Response to Share Your Remodeling Motherhood Moments Here!

  1. ginabad says:

    Did you catch the episode of “Medium” that aired on October 23, 2009? Alison, the psychic, keeps hearing a baby cry. Her and her colleague, a cop, are discussing his new baby. She asks how the new mom is adjusting.

    “There was no adjusting, it was instant. The second [baby’s name] came into the world, BAM! She was a mom. What is it with you women and kids? It’s like a drug.”

    Can’t read Alison’s response, it’s vague, “Hm. It is pretty amazing…”

    Later, the new parents go on a date, but the mom is completely obsessed, way over the top, and the dad is getting angry. They start to argue and he’s called away to work, meanwhile, she is thrilled and runs out to get back home to the baby. What’s worse is they don’t resolve this plot line, although they may bring it up in the future.

    Very irritating. I’m surprised at Patricia Arquette letting this go.