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How Unconscious Bias Puts Us On the Same Team

Unconscious bias seeps into nearly every aspect of our everyday lives. Learn how to embrace the bias and bring about change in this compelling and entertaining talk that resonates for women and men and gets everyone on the same team.

Remodeling Tools for Women Leaders

As women leaders, we feel like we have to choose between being liked OR respected but not both. If we’re assertive, we get labeled a b$*$%. If we are nice, we get passed over or taken as a pushover. We often feel like we have to be two people – one at work and one at home – when what we really want to be is our authentic selves as leaders and women all the time.

Kristin Maschka reveals the root of the conflicting signals we get in the workplace and at home.  You’ll walk away with the tools to be and be seen as both warm and competent, which is the key to maximizing our leadership possibilities and our ability to be our authentic selves as leaders and women

Remodeling Motherhood (and Fatherhood) to Get the Lives We Want Today

What’s behind the “mommy wars,” the “chore wars,” the war about “having it all,” and the war about whether women should “lean in?” The invisible, outdated assumptions about mothers, fathers, and work that are completely out of sync with what women – and men – want today.

Kristin Maschka weaves together her own story and a deep knowledge of the issues to reveal the broad impact these subconscious assumptions and stereotypes have on our personal lives, our workplaces and even our public policies. You’ll walk away with clarity about what those outdated assumptions are, the new beliefs to replace them, and the simple tools you can use to take action and remodel motherhood.

Remodeling Organizations to Prevent Unconscious Bias

We no longer live in a world where there are separate job ads for “Men” and for “Women.” Yet women are still underrepresented in positions of leadership across the public and private sectors and often feel like there is an invisible barrier to getting hired and getting ahead at any level in any area.

That remaining invisible barrier is unconscious bias. You will learn:

  • What unconscious bias is
  • How it impacts women – and men
  • What to do when you experience unconscious bias or notice it impacting others
  • What you can do as a leader to reduce the impact of unconscious bias

Instead of letting our biases divide us, we can work together as team to open up opportunities for everyone in our organizations. You will walk away from this inspiring and interactive session with the tools to overcome unconscious bias in your life and in the teams you lead.


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