Puppet Show Team

Ok, so my morning. David’s gone. Kate and I both need to shower & get her to school at 8 and me to coffee with a friend on the other side of town at 8:15.

7:45 she realizes she hasn’t printed the script for her puppet show performance this morning. Also has not printed the color photos she needs for art. Because she snuck around the auto time limits on her Mac to find the photos late last night by logging into it as a guest, they have been deleted from the computer. Oh, & printing in color in our house requires moving files from the Mac to the PC connected to the color printer.

8:00  we are in the office printing. Printer jam on the scripts. Redoing Google search for photos & printing. Get in car, race to school (Note: first time this year she’s been late.)

8:19 I am nearly to my coffee destination and cell phone rings. “Mommy you’re going to be mad at me. I forgot my box of puppets in the back of the car.” Hit next U-turn back to school. Call friend – whose child has ALSO forgotten something so we agree to meet for coffee back near school.

8:30 Meet Kate in front of school to drop off puppets.

8:40 Make it to Starbucks and yes, I believe I did earn that peppermint mocha.

Happy holidays!


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